CPR Initiatives

Why CPR?

Every year nearly 400,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest outside the hospital. Sudden cardiac arrest can occur at any age and due to many different reasons. The one thing that all sudden cardiac arrests have in common is that chances of survival are greatly increased with early recognition and initiation of CPR. Learning CPR can take only minutes but may add years to the life of someone in cardiac arrest.

Bystander CPR can dramatically improve the chance of survival by helping to circulate essential nutrients and oxygen to the brain and vital organs. Obtaining a CPR certification can be intimidating and time consuming, however hands only CPR is simple and extremely beneficial in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

How can you learn?

Would you like to learn hands only CPR to educate yourself and your family? Or are you interested in organizing a hands only CPR class for your organization? Regardless of who you want in the class, we want to help!

Jessamine County EMS proudly offers hands only CPR classes at no cost to the public. These are not certificate courses, but it’s important to understand that a certificate is not necessary to provide lifesaving CPR prior to the arrival of EMS or Fire.

If you are interested in holding a hands only CPR event, please contact us through the link below and we will do our best to accommodate you or assist you in finding the resources you need to schedule an event.